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The year 2021 has seen publication of all 3 volumes of Fernando – Beethoven of the Guitar, by Lou Marinoff, NY City College professor, philosopher, writer and guitarist, who was a major speaker in MUAC’s April JazzDay events.

This historical novel is on the incredible life and times of Spaniard Fernando SOR in the Napoleonic era. MUAC’s president de Gastyne’s comments on the book were also published at the front of these volumes.

From early July in his presentation for the launch of vol.2, Prof. Marinoff uploaded a  richly documented artistic video to YouTube, which contains the video from MUAC’s 2021 JazzDay, where former prima ballerina, choreographer and dance instructor Kasumi SANADA dances to Prof. Marinoff’s interpretation of an extract of a beautiful Fernando SOR composition.

Here are links for the 3 YouTube presentation videos for each volume :

Book 1 – Fernando : Beethoven de la guitare, Livre I : Jeunesse, célébrité et guerre

Book 2 – Fernando : Beethoven de la guitare, Livre II : Exil, faveur et triomphe

Book 3 – Fernando : Beethoven de la Guitare, Livre III : Gloire, Finale et Héritage

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