Dear friends of MUAC – wonderful news ! Thanks to the collaboration-proposal of  Nachida Baba Aissa, President of France Méditerranée l’association des 2 Rives – we will celebrate together JazzDay 2022 at the Maison des Associations – VINCENNES! The date is the official JazzDay, April 30th, starting at 14h30, finishing up with a Reception concluding at 18h. (41-43 Rue Raymond Du Temple 94300 Vincennes. Rooms Salle Henri-Bonnemain and Salle Paul-Rumeau)

Our principle theme is : Create new paradigms: Celebrate Hope and Creative Empathy as World Citizen, with this as a secondary theme : Respect the Dignity and Infinite Capacity of Each Person

Because it is this is a “hybrid” event, in addition to a number of artists and speakers present that day, we will watch together videos of a couple artists / speakers who cannot be present physically, interspersed between ‘live’ speakers and artistic moments. – Thanks to the great suggestion of our MUAC friend and technical advisor Francesco RIZZI, for the occasion we also now have a QR code of our very own which automatically brings websurfers to our site  So please do not hesitate to share on your networks our poster, programme, and this QR code so others can discover the world of MUAC.

We look forward to enjoying this moment with all of you at Vincennes!

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