Educational workshops organized or supported by MUAC

We propose workshops for people of all ages around themes such as HUMAN RIGHTS, World citizenship, interdependence (UBUNTU), respect for nature and Intercultural communication to deepen mutual understanding of these topics and promote dialogue. And all of this through  the ARTS!

A few examples


The Human Hymn project is for learning about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The creator of this wonderful concept, Pedro ALEDO, uses Article 1 of the UDHR’s lyrics and Beethoven’s Ode to Joy as the melody. Note : On our site you can find the chords and sheet music of Mr Aledo’s simplified version!

What do people learn?  It is all about the meaning and the spirit of UDHR by singing with others. It can be accompanied by guitar, percussion, wind instruments and many more. The combinations are endless, just like the number of languages which can be used to sing it.


With tales and poetry, you can learn through the power of words. Because you do not necessarily need any visual elements, it is up to you to imagine and reflect on what is being said.

However, we can also combine tales and poetry with visual arts. This workshop will let people be inspired by a sculpture/image to create a tale or a poem, regarding the decided-on theme.


Stefan ORINS is a jazz musician who simultaneously, with a professional artist, his collaborator Patricia Delmotte improvising on canvas, who creates a painting regarding the theme chosen for their workshop.

How do people participate? People can be given their own canvas and let their imagination wander thanks to the music, about the theme previously mentioned.

What do people learn? They can simply express themselves. And afterwards people can explain why they have painted the way they did about this subject, in order to have this dialogue. Please note, people from various horizons, origins and communities (even other countries) can attend the same event


This workshop is based on communication and intercultural dialogue. In groups, you can create a song in French or another language based on a theme. Because many of our MUAC artists are fluent in English, sometimes the created song can be translated, and then spread in the “international” language of today. PS Don’t forget the existence of good internet translators like!