MUAC 2020 Jazz Day

Roots and Ethics of Jazz: How to Learn from Africa

The 2020 MUAC JazzDay conference was a virtual one because of the pandemic, but nonetheless rich in meaning. Mr Hancock’s team had chosen South Africa as the venue for the “All Star Concert” in Africa and workshops around Johannesburg, so MUAC chose the theme: « Roots and Ethics of Jazz: How to Learn from Africa. »

A jazz drummer/composer who had mounted government-backed missions using music, dance, the stage arts and lessons on urban recycling, was the key speaker, doing everything bilingually. Besides, we had original poetry, articles written on the theme, JazzDay messages and music in videos using Facebook and Youtube.

World premiere "À Toi, à Tous" by Laurent GRYNSZPAN and Betsy SCHLESINGER

Jazz Improvisations - Claire and Eza MALBOS

Jean-Louis Méchali for MUAC 2020 JazzDay

3 videos

Education for the People - SHARP SHARP ! by Jean-Louis Méchali

2 vidéos

Video message by Meredith BEAL