Béatrice Solange KOUO EPA

Solange KOUO EPA

MUAC’s Advisory Board member


I have a Cameroonian background, and I am a doctor of Community Health and a pediatrician. I have international professional experience as a senior civil servant in the World Health Organization, the WHO, for 2 decades, mainly in countries situated in Africa. I have also been a liaison officer for the WHO regional office in Africa, for the EU and the ACP countries, in Brussels. In those respective countries, my position was WHO Country Director. Which means I was in charge of advising and supporting the health department from the host country. This was for any kind of national health policies, also regarding their execution, as well as the different steps for scaling-up key interventions, and therefore the well-being of the whole population.

It has been 10 years since I have quit the WHO and I live in Brussels now.  I still work but as an independent health development consultant.

I was a member of the GAVI Alliance Program Evaluation Committee (IRC) to review the progress of the Expanded Program on Immunization in African countries.

I conducted an operations research project on the feasibility of a regional program for the care of African children with cerebral palsy. This project was in collaboration with the founder of the National Institute for Conductive Education from Birmingham, UK, the organization for Conductive Education in Brussels and the Hungarian organization for conductive education, “Moira,” of Budapest.

Aside from my actual job, I do health education and activities for preventive health approaches for children. I also intervene as instructor and speaker in the area of organizations concerning children and teenagers.